Adding Reflections in Sunglasses Using Adobe Photoshop

Have you ever come across those beautiful images where you can see two perspectives at the same time, photos where a reflection introduces an additional perspective? This effect can be achieved with the use of a mirror, a window or even closeup shot of sunglasses. It can and should be primarily achieved in camera (and we always encourage people to try and do everything while shooting), but if you already shot the image and would like to have a reflection added, we can easily recreate that impact in post-processing with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Today we will learn how to add reflection to sunglasses quickly and efficiently. In this tutorial, we shall create a perspective of a mother photographing her child, seen as a reflection off the sunglasses of her beautiful young daughter.

Without further ado, the number one thing to do is to open the image of the young daughter in Adobe Photoshop as depicted in the screenshot below:

adding reflection in sunglassesImage below is the picture of the woman who will be placed as a reflection in the sunglasses, as if she is taking a photograph of her young child.

adding reflection in sunglassesNow go back to the image of the little girl and rename the base layer to “image”. You can do so by navigating to the layers panel at the bottom right of the screen and double clicking the base layer to rename it. This is highlighted in the image below:

adding reflection in sunglassesRight click on the “image” layer with your mouse. This will open up a menu. Choose duplicate layer option to add an identical layer above. Rename this new layer to “duplicate”.

adding reflection in sunglassespen-tool-pathGrab your pen tool and carefully draw a path around each lens. Make sure your pen tool is set to draw “path” instead of “shape”.

image-pathWhen you’re done, with the duplicate layer selected navigate to the bottom of the layers panel and Ctrl+Mouse Click (Option+Click on a Mac) on “Add Layer Mask” button to create a vector mask of the lenses instead of the normal raster layer mask. If you see “Add Vector Mask” button instead, simply click on it without Ctrl or Option key on a Mac.

adding reflection in sunglassesOpen to the image of the mother and select all by hitting Ctrl+A (Option+A on a Mac), then copy it by hitting Ctrl+C (Option+C). Once the picture is copied, go back to the previous photo of a girl and paste copied image as a new layer by hitting Ctrl+V (Option+V). Now right click on the mother’s image to open the menu. Once the menu appears, select Create Clipping Mask option as depicted in the figure below:

adding reflection in sunglassesAfter, select Hard Light blending mode as highlighted in the image below.

adding reflection in sunglassesThen adjust the size of the mother’s image to fit the sunglasses and appear natural. In our example we need the reflection of the mother to appear on both sides of the sunglasses. Repeat previous steps to get the second reflection. Adjust opacity of both reflections to values that will ensure realistic appearance of the reflection.

adding reflection in sunglassesThis is all you need to get the desired effect of having beautiful reflections in sunglasses using Adobe Photoshop. Always remember that we used this particular scenario only for easy understanding. Do not limit yourself to this idea only. You can create amazing photographs with reflections of beautiful beaches, forests, water bodies or anything that captures viewers’ attention. Happy Editing!


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