CG Details Look Video Tutorial Review

Let’s try something different today. This article isn’t going to be another dodge and burn technique tutorial, but rather a review of not just one, but two tutorials created by a talented photographer, retoucher and photo editor from Salt Lake City – Josh Rossi. The two tutorials we are going to be focusing on today are “CGI Look” Color Correction and Retouching tutorial and “Red Riding Hood” Image Compositing tutorial.

get-it-nowThe bundle mentioned in this tutorial is no longer available, but you can still get both videos over at

CG Details Look Tutorial

Up first is a 20 minute “CGI Look” video tutorial and the best way for me to describe it to you is to establish what this tutorial isn’t. This tutorial isn’t going to teach how to create a generic “CGI” look via some basic filters and actions. Instead you will be introduced to a process of retouching a photo with a dodge and burn technique applied to various adjustment layers. You will learn how to bring life and drama to your work by putting more emphasis on shadows and highlights as well as some neat tips for color correcting various elements of your photo (skin, shadows, highlights, background, etc.)

Red Riding Hood Tutorial

red riding hood tutorial
In the second tutorial, Josh takes you through his process of creating red riding hood image composite. You will learn how to set up your camera and lighting for similar composite projects, how to isolate your object as well as some dodge and burn techniques to emphasize parts of the image and create a more dramatic look. And last, you will learn how to create snow and fog effects with photos hop brushes.

What we really liked about Josh Rossi tutorials.

He is very clear and precise as to how and why he does each step in the tutorial. Although the techniques he goes over require some prior Photoshop knowledge, a novice photo editor should still be able to follow and adopt them in his or her workflow. The videos itself are very well done. The audio quality is perfect.

What could have been done better?

Considering these are premium tutorials, we would have liked to see deeper explanations of the core concepts covered in these tutorials. In case of the first tutorial, for example, a more detailed explanation of what makes any old look a “CGI Look” would have been nice and helped people transfer learned techniques into the real world.

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