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This time we have had the pleasure of shooting a very talented Anthony Catanzaro. Not only is Anthony in a great shape, but he can easily pull various interesting looks with ease. Our initial plan for this shoot was to do a business executive stock session and a L1 Sports product line feature. However, with Anthony’s input and some studio props we were able to shoot more ideas then we initially planned.

We started with business executive theme for stock on black background. Anthony looks good in a suit and can easily pull an experienced business executive look. After a couple of test shots I felt like a blank black wall too dull and was blending a bit with his hair and dark suit so to spice things up I added a speedlite with a red gel behind the subject. This immediately outlined the model and gave the scene some unique flavor. Once we had the light nailed down we went through a bunch of classic poses and various emotions and careers, such as businessman, lawyer and politician. Anthony also had some wardrobe changes which matched our light setup, so we also did an entertainer, lover and biker series on the same set.  Biker outfit looked much better with a blue gel, which is an easy switch.

Our second goal for this session was to shoot L1 martial arts and boxing gear product lineup.  Since our model has such a well-defined body he was fitting perfectly with the theme. We needed to have a white background for the products, so we had to change the location to an all-white studio where I set up a classic two even lights at front and backlight lighting setup. You can checkout L1 sporting goods store at for a full line of products.

When we were done with that we still had some time and energy left so we decided to improvise. This was completely unplanned but thankfully I had a towing chain in my car, which came in handy. We went for a strong man breaking the chains look at the utility/AC room where some blue gels came in handy to shade all background features into one uniform color. And as a finale we did a sexy nude man in a box for the ladies.

anthony-diagramAs for the technical stuff, the black background setup consisted of one main light with a softbox, one backlight with hard (not diffused) light and a speedlite with gel for the background. Main light units were Travelite 750s and the speedlite was Canon 430ex II. The camera was Canon 5D Mark II with Canon EF 85mm 1.2L lens. Shutter speed was set to 1/125 of a second and aperture varied from f/3.5 to f/5.6. ISO was constantly at 100.

For other scenes the light setup was slightly different as I have described above. The lens used for the shots on the white background was Canon EF 100mm 2.8L IS Macro and the lens at the last two scenes was Canon EF 35mm 1.4L.

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