Sexy woman in doorway

Sexy woman in a dark doorway photo shoots have been done over and over again by many photographers, and yet there is something about this imagery that doesn’t get tiresome or becomes redundant. Most likely it’s the sexy woman part but I would like to think there is more to it than that. I believe there is always a story. A story of a seductress in a doorway being observed by a private audience from a dark room; an intimate and private scene. It’s a scene where a spectator feels special because of the narration of the story. I always enjoy looking at such photos but more than that I love creating them. Continue Reading

Psari Seafood Restaurant

Some time ago I have had the pleasure of photographing menu items and interior design of Psari Seafood Restaurant and bar. All the images were intended to be used for promotional purposes, such as their new website, advertisement and editorial publication. Psari restaurant is a cozy Greek restaurant located on a busy 36th Avenue in Astoria, Queens. In fact, “Psari” stands for “fish” in Greek. It’s a great place to stop by for launch or happy hour, especially if you like seafood. Psari has a true Mediterranean atmosphere to it and the food is astounding. Whether you wish to have a grilled octopus, fresh Maine lobster, king crab legs or raw oysters and clams, they have it all prepared to perfection. But even if you are not into fish, they offer excellent steaks and pork chops. You can check out their menu full menu at Continue Reading

Sexy white on white

I have had a pleasure of meeting Dinorah during our summer vacation where she was introduced to me and my wife by a mutual friend. During our stay we have enjoyed her company and recognizing her natural beauty I’ve offered to do portfolio photo shoot. We haven’t planned any specific theme or even style. I just asked her to bring whatever she thought would look good and just go from there. Continue Reading

Sexy singer and musician

To continue the music theme I have started with Jazz Singer photo shoot, I have decided to elaborate and include a bit more musical styles and instruments. Alla was kind enough to pose for me and help me with some of my experimental ideas. We started off with simple portraits and a microphone. As we progressed, I started adding some hats from my prop collection to illustrate different music genres. I am still not sure if that idea comes through in the images, but I think the hats definitely add a nice finishing touch. Continue Reading

Wicked, sexy and wild

I have to admit, this was not a planned look. This whole idea was born spontaneously on the spot during a completely different photo shoot.  We have been finishing a glamour-actress scene in a studio setting and were getting ready to switch to a boudoir scene in a different wing of the studio which was custom build just for that session (you can check the results here). In between these two sessions, our makeup artist pulled out this futuristic looking top and as soon as I saw it, an idea started to conceive in my head. Continue Reading

Lulu’s Bakery

I have a huge sweet tooth, so when I was offered to shoot Lulu’s Bakery line of dessert products for their website and other promotional purposes, I gladly accepted. As usual, I had studio lighting and speedlites with me, in case I have to face different working situations. Upon initial inspection of the scene and consequently my working space, I have made a call to use studio lighting to cover the entire production area. However, during the shooting process I have come to regret that decision because I have not accounted for all the workers occupying the production area who started arriving shortly after I setup all my equipment. Continue Reading

Masked Jazz Singer

A while ago I started listening to some nice Jazz compositions with beautiful female vocals on Pandora Radio. Inspired by the music I decided to do a photo shoot creating visual accompaniment for the melody. This was not an easy task since I wanted to match what I have visualized in my mind with the final photo. Continue Reading

Smoking Gangster

To start this Photoshoot section off I have decided to dig deep into the dusty archives and look for some images from a time where I had limited experience but was able to pull off a shot that I can still be proud off. Once I saw this Gangster series I knew I had to feature it as a first post because it is an excellent example where by trial and error everything came together to achieve an appealing composition.

Continue Reading