Fashion Pin-up

I am a big fan of pin-up photography, but I have never really divided into this genre. So my rare attempts at it are not authentic, but rather a mix with my personal style. This shoot is an example of just that. I would call it a fashion shoot with some pin-up and vintage elements. We actually weren’t planning on doing any pin-up photos, but since our beautiful model brought this vintage dress, we just went with the theme. Thankfully, there were some props in the studio that we could utilize and implement. Continue Reading

Sexy lover fighter

Sexy lover fighter

This time we have had the pleasure of shooting a very talented Anthony Catanzaro. Not only is Anthony in a great shape, but he can easily pull various interesting looks with ease. Our initial plan for this shoot was to do a business executive stock session and a L1 Sports product line feature. However, with Anthony’s input and some studio props we were able to shoot more ideas then we initially planned. Continue Reading

Beauty by Castle

I am a big fan of shooting on location, although I don’t do it as often as I’d like to. But when I get a chance I like to find interesting locations. Shooting in a studio environment can sometimes get stale and it never hurts to spice things up with an interesting location. It can be indoors or outdoors, as long as it has an interesting vibe and authentic atmosphere, I’m there. The formula for this photoshoot was relatively simple: beautiful model + fancy dress + makeup and hair + lighting + castle. Ok, I admit it, looking at the formula now it doesn’t seem that simple, but when we were planning this shoot it seemed simple enough. Continue Reading

Not Safe For Work

Abstract Body Painting

Body painting is an art form in itself. The process of painting a body actually dates to ancient times. The only downside is that nowadays it can only be displayed for a very limited time. But when combined with photography, body painting becomes an everlasting work of art. Oh, and having a beautiful model doesn’t hurt either. This was the case with our Abstract Body Painting photo shoot. We had all of the components and it was only a matter of combining them together. Here is the result. Continue Reading

Sexy in Freight Elevator

Sexy woman in freight elevator

There are plenty of images out there of beautiful people posing in rustic industrial settings. There is something about that glimmer of beauty, life and hope in the midst of harsh, dirty, caged and depressing environment. Of course, I’ve wanted to try and do a shoot that would portray all that. We did this shoot in a cool looking industrial freight elevator. We went for a sexy and strong expression, rather than an innocent look for this photo-shoot. Like a beautiful canary in an old cage, she sings a beautiful song, but like a tigress she maintains her pride and is always ready to escape when the opportunity presents itself. Continue Reading

Scenic Bikini Shoot

I had scheduled a shoot with a local Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleader at a very popular photography spot here in the Jacksonville area in a unique way. After my recent interview with, I had been asked to document a future shoot with some Behind The Scenes shots so I decided this would be the one and I let them know ahead of time. Well… as is all too often the case, the model bailed on me at the last minute. Luckily, I have a great friend, Lisa, who just happens to be a great model and one of my favorite people to shoot anyway. I sent her a message to see if she’d be able to fill in and after rearranging a few things, she was in! Continue Reading

Redhead Boudoir

While planning future photo shoots some time ago I have ordered a long red wig. I have had certain ideas about the concepts I can use this wig for but I haven’t gotten to those shoots yet. However, while shooting a fashion session I was rummaging through my bottomless box of props and pulled this wig out to try to match it to a futuristic style we were going for. The model saw the wig and was absolutely enamored with it. The makeup artist liked the wig as well and got a matching color lipstick. After long and tedious strengthening and brushing procedure we shot the Wicked, sexy and wild concept with it but deep in my mind I thought we have to do a pin-up boudoir session using this wig. So I essentially had to build a bedroom scene to match the look. And that’s exactly what I did. Continue Reading

Sexy lonely lady in bedroom

I have been meaning to do a photo shoot with a theme of a lonely woman awaiting company for a while. In my mind I visualized a dark bedroom with a sensual woman sitting alone on a bedside with just a slight glow of light coming from an open door. Just like a light at the end of the tunnel this beacon of hope would symbolize that moment of happiness she is waiting for. As I finally got around to planning this shoot those were the only sketches in my mind. But as we started the actual shoot I started adding new pieces to the scene (or taking some pieces off ;)). So during the photo shoot this one vague idea quickly turned into a mini story of love, hope, seduction, disappointment and depression. Continue Reading

Delicious World Desserts

Delicious World is one of our favorite clients. This company specializes in all kinds of tasty pastries and cakes. All of their products are superb high quality treats. Besides making their website, catalog and packaging designs, we were also hired to produce shots for their current lineup of tasty delights. While the photo shoot was a bit intense and required a lot of on the spot creativity, it was super satisfying to get to enjoy all of those delicious desserts after we were done shooting. Continue Reading