Glamour Couple

Lately I have been experimenting with shooting young couples and trying to capture their chemistry together, a real romance.  While it happens occasionally, it’s usually very difficult to get two models who would feel comfortable enough with each other to produce sincere emotions on camera. That’s why I’ve decided to use a couple that are romantically involved in real life for one of my shoots.

Even though originally I was planning on doing more ‘feel good’ shots, I ended up falling back to my usual routine of shooting glamour portraits and fashion in this shoot. Here are some of the highlight images from this session.

I really like working with Sasha because it’s virtually impossible to take a bad picture of her, so we so we started the day with a full blast of glamour portraits. And even though this was Michael’s first photoshoot, he handled himself very well and we ended up with some nice images. Big thanks to our Make Up and Hair artist Olga Khizver for doing all the hard work with the models.

It’s hard to convey the playful and fun vibe during the shoot in words alone, so with a second camera on-hand we shot a little behind the scenes video for your viewing pleasure. There you can see that I’ve decided to use one flash unit bare without any attachments to light the background and give rim lighting to the model at the same time. This seems to have worked out flawlessly, so I’ll be using this technique in the future. And yes, she did have a very hard time blowing a gum bubble, so her husband had to do it for her.

For those of you interested in the technical aspect of this shoot, I used my good old Canon 5D Mark II as the main body and Canon Rebel T4i as the video unit. Most of the shots have been taken with my beloved Canon 100mm IS L macro, while some portraits have been shot with Canon 85mm f/1.2L lens.
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