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Delicious World is one of our favorite clients. This company specializes in all kinds of tasty pastries and cakes. All of their products are superb high quality treats. Besides making their website, catalog and packaging designs, we were also hired to produce shots for their current lineup of tasty delights. While the photo shoot was a bit intense and required a lot of on the spot creativity, it was super satisfying to get to enjoy all of those delicious desserts after we were done shooting.

Delicious World has an extensive line of products, 10 cakes and about 45 pastries to be exact. Our goal was to shoot the entire lineup in one session so we can start using the images right away for boxes, posters and other promotional materials. All of the desserts are made in France. They had to be freshly made and flown by air, same day, for the photo shoot. However, there was one thing we have overlooked. All of their products are frozen in order to achieve extensive shelf life, and this particular batch wasn’t any different since their process of baking and freezing has to be very precise. We had requested two of every single pastry and cake, but all of the combined boxes were too big to fit into a freezer. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even close. So we were on a very tight timeline to build a different set for each product and shoot them before they melt away and lose their shapes. This was quite a challenge and the whole team worked as hard as they ever did to get everything done in time. But even our efficiency wasn’t good enough to beat the clock so we had to create makeshift ice compartments to store some of the products.

As I have mentioned previously, we had to create a unique setting for each individual product, so they wouldn’t look like they were shot on the same generic setup. We had to employ various props available to us in order to create this illusion. All in all, we had a very limited number of props, but by carefully positioning them at different angles we managed to pull it off. We had a marble and wooden board, two silk sheets, a crystal candle holder, several china sets, as well as, several vases and flowers. Overall, it took us about 8 hours to complete all the imagery for over 60 products. The final shots needed very limited retouching and in a couple of days all of the product shots were already being used for posters, catalog, website and other material. You can check out the entire product lineup on their website – which is also our creation.

As it usually happens, the best part came after we were done shooting because we had all of the products to ourselves. While these desserts taste out of this world, they are very filling, so it actually took us a couple of weeks to finish everything. Those two weeks we have had more guests than usual visiting us.

Technical Side

The entire session was shot on Canon 5D Mark II camera with 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro lens attached. Because some shots were done with continuous lighting (for strong bokeh effect), the shutter speed varied from 3 seconds to 1/125 second. Aperture also varied. Most shots were done at f/8 or f/9 but some shots with continuous lighting were set to f/3.5. ISO was set to 100.

The lighting was also changing depending on different setups. One set only had a single softbox setup positioned slightly to the left. Another setup had two softboxes positioned slightly off center on either side. There was no backlighting required for any of the setups. The light units were my Calumet Travelites 750s.

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