Gym Fitness Training Photoshoot


In today’s diet driven and healthy lifestyle oriented society fitness and exercise images are in high demand. I have shot fitness people in studio and outdoors, but I haven’t had a chance to do an indoor gym exercise photo shoot, until now. I have been passively looking for a good gym location for months. It all comes down to budget, small private gyms are often located in cramped basements, while large chain gyms typically ask for exorbitant rates to close down a section or offer nighttime shooting when they are officially closed. I wanted to take some nice sunlit gym shots and was fortunate enough to find a place that fit my demands. Continue Reading

The Third Time’s The Charm

For petite models (and photographers who specialize in petites), the fashion industry doesn’t exactly toss out opportunities on a daily basis. So when model Jax Turyna was asked by the biggest petite modeling magazine around to submit some images, and she subsequently asked me to photograph that… I leaped at the opportunity. But after our first submission attempt, that leap felt more like a fumble.

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Sometimes the Sunrise Doesn’t Rise (And Other Lessons Learned)

Murphy’s Law says: “Anything that can do wrong… will go wrong.” And never have truer words been said than when it comes to waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to work with pretty models on the beach. It’s the price we pay for being a swimwear photographer. Weather along coastlines can be described as bipolar, even in supposedly warm and tropical destinations. And no matter how much you prepare for the worst, there’s always some new definition of “worst waiting to prove you wrong. So let this article serve as a cautionary tale, taught by those who have survived to tell it….

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Matanai Jewelry

Matanai product photo shoot

Product photography is a large slice of my business. I consider product photography to be part of corporate photography, which is a thriving market that respects our time and creativity. Our services are often fully tax deductible as a business expense for the company that hires us, so the people in charge usually don’t mind premium pricing in return for their products looking their very best. Since I am based in New York City I have a bit of an advantage of being close to a lot of corporate clients. I often get to sit down with an advertisement team and discuss exactly what they are looking for face to face. But I also have several clients who I have never seen in person. They just ship us their new products and ask us to make it look good. So if you live away from a major metropolitan area don’t feel discouraged, in our internet connected world you can still practice product photography for clients all over the world. Continue Reading

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness shots are somewhat of a hot commodity these days. It’s something that we always strive to do, but end up doing very little of. With so many people wanting to lose weight and get in shape, naturally tons of marketers and advertisers are always looking for nice outdoor fitness imagery. I know that my stock portfolio is lacking such photos, so I’ve decided to mend this pitfall and do an outdoor fitness themed shoot. Continue Reading

Girls Day Out outdoors lifestyle

Once in a while I like to schedule outdoor shoots with new models. This allows me to test out new talent and increase my pool of people that I can reliably call on for future jobs. To be completely honest, I also rarely prepare for these shoots and seldom scout locations. This keeps me on my toes when I have to improvise with subjects and play around the location I am not too familiar with. Although I can’t call location chosen for this shoot unfamiliar, I did force myself into spots I’ve never been at. Therefore, this was one of those “experimental” shoots and we went for a “Girls Day Out” theme. Continue Reading

Glamour Couple

Lately I have been experimenting with shooting young couples and trying to capture their chemistry together, a real romance.  While it happens occasionally, it’s usually very difficult to get two models who would feel comfortable enough with each other to produce sincere emotions on camera. That’s why I’ve decided to use a couple that are romantically involved in real life for one of my shoots. Continue Reading

Romantic couple outdoors

These days I really enjoy working with at least a couple of models. This way I can get a larger range of emotions and themes out of my shoots. Although, this also creates additional complications with correct lighting position and timing – having everyone with the right expressions in a shot. But working with a team is something that you have learn as you become more experienced photographer. For this shoot I wanted to create an atmosphere of a young romantic couple enjoying their weekend in a city. Since we were shooting outdoors the lighting setup was simple, so it was mostly about getting sincere and genuine emotions from the models. Continue Reading

Three beautiful ladies

I love photographing people, even though I often get hired to shoot food and architecture. So it goes without saying, that when I have three beautiful ladies and a makeup artist I know it’s going to be a good day. This post is about one such shoot. I don’t always have a makeup artist present on the set, but when I do, it’s always such a huge boost to model’s confidence and looks, which results in less post-processing work for me. The main idea for this photoshoot was to have portraits done for all three girls with unique and interesting makeup and on different colorful backgrounds to be featured on MUA’s and models’ professional profiles. And as it always happens, the shoot went well beyond what we initially planned. We ended up shooting more themes and only stopped because of time constrains. Continue Reading