A Helpful Guide to Histograms

LCD displays on digital cameras are an indispensable tool for double-checking our work. But they can also lead us astray. Dialing up or down the brightness settings can make an image seem over or under-exposed. Messing with in-camera color and contrast settings will… Read More

Make Landscapes POP! (with Photoshop)

If your landscape photos seem to be turning out less breathtaking than you remembered the scenery to be… don’t blame yourself. Digital cameras are nowhere near as adaptable as the human eye, and the human brain fondly creates… Read More

5 tips to capture better street photos

5 Tips to Capture Better Street Photos

Make no mistake, street photography is not everybody’s cup of tea. When I started off, I was just like every other newbie, scared at the prospect of having to point my camera at a stranger. Coming from a conservative place where aiming camera at a stranger is usually… Read More

Canon 5DS and 5DS R

Canon 5DS and 5DS R Announcement

Today canon announced Canon EOS 5DS and Canon 5DS R cameras. What has probably been one of the worst kept secrets for the past few weeks, Canon is introducing a whopping 50.6 MP full frame (35mm) sensor. With such a high megapixel count Canon is… Read More

Better Landscape Photos in 5 Steps

With all the information available today you would think that many would know how to take better landscape photos. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Here are 5 easy steps to learn how to take better landscape shots, so you can get as much of the image correct in-camera as possible… Read More

introduction to location scouting

Introduction to Location Scouting

Location is one of the biggest things a photographer needs to think about. A sunrise over a hill as a stallion gallops toward you, a sunset wedding in May, night on the streets of New York – these are all glorious images that require one thing; location! Read More