Using Multiple Speedlites Wirelessly

Using multiple light units gives you an ability to completely control and position your light, effectively molding the scene by creating or removing shadows. Speedlite flash system has an ability to work wirelessly. Read More

Window Light For Food Photography

Food photography is all about enticing the viewer to purchase a product, try a new recipe, or simply want to eat the food props. And what could be more inviting and enticing than food photographed under natural light? In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can produce pro quality… Read More

How to use light meter

How to Use a Light Meter

ight meters are extremely sensitive pieces of technology which allow you to take a spot light reading of a scene, whether it is used in ambient or in reflected mode. The area that the light meter covers is very small, only about 0.05% which is more accurate than the 3-5% reading area coverage… Read More

Matanai product photo shoot

Matanai Jewelry

Product photography is a large slice of my business. I consider product photography to be part of corporate photography, which is a thriving market that respects our time and creativity. Our services are often fully tax deductible as a business expense for the company… Read More

How to deal with difficult clients

How to Deal with Difficult Clients

Being a photographer can often be a very magical and fulfilling experience. If you’re a photographer and you’re reading this then you know the feel I’m talking about. But, it’s also not roses all the time. We DO come across those clients (Who shall remain nameless) that are… Read More


How Circular Polarizer Filter Works

To understand how a circular polarizer filter works you will need to understand how light behaves when it gets reflected off a surface, whether metallic or otherwise. I shall not delve too much into the technical side of things, but very briefly this is a refresher course… Read More

Intro To Corporate Photography

Intro to Corporate Photography

Corporate photography may be perceived as the opposite of fine art photography. But, that shouldn’t deter you from pursuing it as a viable source of income plus there is a craft to great corporate photos. If you want to break into corporate work then start by… Read More