Pros-and Cons of Mirrorless Cameras

Pros and Cons of Mirrorless Cameras

Digital Mirrorless cameras have found a place somewhere in the middle between digital SLRs and Point & Shoot cameras. These two cameras have been ruling the roost when it comes to the digital camera market for years… Read More


Intermediate Jewelry Photography

With this tutorial I will be walking you through an intermediate skill level jewelry product shoot. For this shoot I simply used a silver ring, on table top white acrylic (reflective) base that’s about 9.5” square (from LimoStudio), a 12” lightcube (from Square Perfect), a tripod with… Read More


How to Inspire Yourself to Make Better Images

Before you seek some advice, random quotes or mundane deliberations on the source of inspiration from our everyday life, things that inspire us to keep shooting, answer this simple, but important question – how many times per day do we pull out our camera and practice taking images? Read More


Nikon Introduces New DX-Format D7200 DSLR

This week Nikon introduced a new lightweight DX-Format (Crop Sensor) D7200 DSLR, an update for its 2013 D7100 model, which was extremely popular with both amateur and pro photographers. Major updates include significantly increased buffer size, better autofocusing… Read More

Better Sunrise Swimwear Photography

There are few things more gratifying to a swimwear photographer than capturing their subject in front of a sunrise full of dramatic, colorful cloudscapes. When done right, the effect is breathtaking. But shooting at sunrise happens so fast that it can also be one of the most flustering… Read More


Shooting on a Budget

What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that you can create high quality images without taking out a financially crippling bank loan to buy the highest end equipment or maxing out all credit cards in existence because you wanted the perfect cinema style lens… Read More