Travel Photography

Some Tips for Shooting While Traveling

You can almost hear your heart beating in anticipation as the day approaches. There’s a slight bit of trepidation, but overall you are looking forward to the trip, having waited for it for probably quite some time. And as any photographer will attest, you cannot wait to take some pictures while abroad. Read More


Knowing What To Charge Clients

If you have decided to start your own photography business you will be faced with the daunting question of what to charge clients and how to calculate a fair price for the work you put out. When I quit my job in 2013 to start my photography business I took… Read More

The Third Time’s The Charm

For petite models (and photographers who specialize in petites), the fashion industry doesn’t exactly toss out tons opportunities on a daily basis. So when model Jax Turyna was asked by the biggest petite modeling magazine around to submit some images… Read More


How to Balance Ambient Lighting with Flash

One of the biggest challenges faced by photographers when shooting outdoors is when they try to incorporate the background along with the subject(s) standing in the foreground, each with different levels of illumination. This happens mainly in backlit situations such… Read More

Mike Pellinni Photographer Interview

Mike Pellinni is an amazing landscape photographer and graphic designer from TransCarpatia region in Ukraine, who makes some of the most breathtaking landscape shots and composites we’ve seen. I have finally had the chance to speak… Read More

How To Improve Your Newborn Photography

How To Improve Your Newborn Photography

Children are the most beautiful gifts and cherishing the beauty as innocent and raw as theirs is the goal of newborn photography. Professional photography is all about doing your best for clients and when it comes to parents being clients, it gets even more important… Read More