Masked Jazz Singer

A while ago I started listening to some nice Jazz compositions with beautiful female vocals on Pandora Radio. Inspired by the music I decided to do a photo shoot creating visual accompaniment for the melody. Read More

Digital Image Sensor

This article will focus on two types of sensors found in modern digital cameras – charge-coupled device (CCD) and complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) active pixel sensors. Read More

Camera Metering Modes Explained

Understanding how your digital camera meters light is essential for achieving accurate and consistent exposures. Camera’s metering mode refers to the way the camera analyzes the light reflecting off the sensor, which then determines… Read More

Using tools in Adobe Photoshop

Basic use of tools in a toolbox

Basic review of tools and their general functions in Adobe Photoshop and similar programs. If you new to editing software and have a hard time understanding different tools, this quick overview should help you get oriented. Read More

Using Aperture – Priority Mode

Shooting in Auto mode is simple as a good camera will automatically select the optimal settings. However, sometimes there comes a time when photographers will want to control the amount of light coming into the camera… Read More

Smoking Gangster

A self-portrait Gangster look smoking a cigarette. Once I dug up this Gangster series, I knew I had to feature it as a first post, because it is an excellent example where by trial and error everything came together to achieve an appealing composition. Read More

Using Shutter – Priority Mode

Shutter-Priority Mode is a semi-manual mode which allows the photographer to select the amount of time that it takes for the light to reach the camera sensor (or film). In this Mode you get to decide the length of time that the shutter stays open for (thus letting the light in). Read More