Canon Rebel T4i (650D) DSLR Announced

Canon T4i will features 18-megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, new DIGIC 5 Image Processor from higher end models, which allows for high-speed continuous shooting of up to 5 fps and an extended ISO range or 100-12800 which makes this camera … Read More

Depth of field

Depth of field (DoF) is the distance between the closest and farthest objects in a focused photo. It can vary depending on camera type, aperture and focusing distance. Check out this article to get a full grasp and understand Depth of Field Read More

Resize, Crop and Rotate photos in Photoshop

This tutorial focuses on how to Resize, Crop and Rotate photos in Adobe Photoshop. This basic tutorial is aimed at people who are entirely new to Photoshop, since these functions are essential elements of editing and serve as pillars for more advanced practices. Read More

Exposure Compensation

Modern digital cameras have advanced metering systems that can deal with most lighting conditions automatically but there may be times when a camera can’t correctly expose the image or when you may want to add your own artistic twist to the photo. Read More