Using Manual Focus

Nowadays, even most professional photographers use autofocus feature since it is quick, reliable and produces great results. However, in certain situations manual focus (MF) can have an advantage over autofocus (AF). Read More

Wicked, sexy and wild

Unexpected wardrobe appearance presents an opportunity I cannot afford to miss out on. A few simple modification and a new wicked, sexy and wild look is born. Check out some images and the story behind it. Read More

Using a lens hood

New photographers often don’t bother using a lens hood and simply treat it as an “extra” part that came with the lens. In reality, lens hoods are an important tool in the arsenal of a professional photographer and serve two important functions. Read More

Understanding Camera Batteries

Batteries are lifeline of every camera. You never want to find yourself in a situation where you find yourself in a perfect shooting situation but can’t take the shot because your battery is dead. To avoid this nightmare scenario, it is important to understand how batteries work Read More

Lulu’s Bakery

Shooting food is great, especially desserts (if you can eat it when the shooting is done). But what happens when you are in a bakery trying to take images of pastries while on a tights schedule of a production line? Read More