Psari Seafood Restaurant

Some time ago I have had the pleasure of photographing menu items and interior design of Psari Seafood Restaurant and bar. It is a cozy Greek place that serves mouth-watering dishes, capable of satisfying anyone’s appetite. Read More

Using Autofocus

Most people use autofocus without even thinking how exactly it operates but there are several common situations where camera’s autofocus might have a hard time focusing accurately and that’s when your knowledge and understanding of autofocus can come in handy. Read More

Isolation methods in Photoshop

Whether you want to isolate an object on white background to make it look more appealing as stock photo, change the background of an image for a fashion catalog or make an amazing photo manipulation, you will need to learn how to create flawless isolations. Read More

Sexy white on white

When you have a gorgeous model you can get away with just plain white background, simple lighting and no accessories. But nailing lighting with white clothing on white background can be challenging. Read more here Read More

Creating a book in Adobe Lightroom

If you ever wanted to create a portfolio, travel book or an eBook but didn’t know where to start or how to do it, Adobe Lightroom 4 offers a simple and easy way to create these books and even send them to be printed professionally. Read More