Using Dodge and Burn techniques

One of most useful techniques to control light is called Dodge and Burn. Check out this tutorial to learn how to use this technique by applying different methods, become better at retouching an make all of your portraits look flawless. Read More

Sexy woman in doorway

Check out this sexy woman in dark doorway photoshoot and the story behind it. Going from seductive boudoir temptress look, to sexy French maid, then to badass zombie hunter and beyond; an intimate and private scene with a single light setup. Read More

Understanding Tripods

Any serious photographer should own a tripod. Tripods significantly reduce the effect of camera movement and improve sharpness of long exposure photos. Read this article to get familiar with all the different tripod types and variations. Read More

Canon EOS 6D Announced

Today, Canon Inc. announced its mid-range full frame EOS 6D 20.2MP camera. It features DIGIC 5+ processor in a compact body and a built-in GPS unit and integrated Wi-Fi transmitter and weighs only 1.7 lb. It’s also claimed to be capable of operating at very low light levels. Read More

Nikon D600 announced

Nikon Inc. announced its new D600 full frame 24.3-magapixel camera. In short, D600 is Nikon’s lightest, smallest and most affordable Full-Frame HD-SLR camera that packs numerous innovative features desired by most photographers. Read More

Cab Ride NYC

New York City is a great place to live, work and play. This year we have decided to embark on a mission to participate in a series of projects to showcase the vibe of this great city. Cab Ride NYC is our first project in the series. Read this for more details about the project. Read More

Understanding Data storage and Backup

We all cherish our work and losing it can be a real nightmare scenario. Today, I am going to discuss different data storage options and their best implementations. While no one solution is perfect, they become fail-proof backup when used in combination. Read More