Sexy lonely lady in bedroom

Here is how a rough photo shoot idea of a lonely woman in a bedroom turned into a mini series and evolved into a story of love, hope, seduction, disappointment and depression. Feel free to add your own interpretation of the scenes. Read More

Canon PowerShot N announced

Canon U.S.A., Inc. unveiled its new compact camera as part of the consumer oriented PowerShot lineup. The new camera is a direct attempt by Canon to capture hearts and minds of smartphone generation. Read More

Using Lens Filters

Filters are very useful in digital photography, they provide an additional level of lens protection and can help you achieve photographic effects that are either impossible to replicate in post-processing or just too time consuming. Read More

Understanding Image Noise

Noise is a natural aspect of life. We face it every day; whether it is visual, aural or social, we find it distracting and try to reduce it as much as possible. In this article I will talk about image noise in photography, but similar principals apply to video, especially if shot with the same camera. Read More

GoPro Hero 3 Announced

Today, GoPro has announced its brand new Hero 3 camera. We at MyPhotoCentral are very fond of our handy Hero 2 and welcome its younger brother with open arms. It looks like the camera has been improved in every way possible. Read More

Delicious World Desserts

Delicious World is one of our favorite clients. This company specializes in all kinds of tasty pastries and cakes. Our goal was to shoot the entire lineup in one session so we can start using the images immediately promotional materials. Read More

Not Safe For Work

Peter Juhasz Interview

Peter Juhasz is talented photographer with an eye for beauty and seduction. His style expresses lifestyles in most relaxed and easygoing atmospheres but as I have discovered there is a fair bit of planning and setup happening behind the scenes. Read More

Tripod Heads

Understanding Tripod Heads

Choosing a good tripod is important but it is also important to consider which tripod head would work best for you. Check out this article to find out more about different types of tripod heads and what each one of them is best suited for. Read More