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Would You Outsource Your Photo Editing Chores?

As a photographer a question that we have to ask ourselves on a daily basis is should we outsource our photo editing chores? The motivation comes when we consider the obvious huge advantages that come from outsourcing this time consuming task. Think of all that you could possibly do… Read More

Creating A Network of Clients

Creating A Network of Clients

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” I used to hate that phrase growing up. I still do. The fact that it’s such a true cliché really just gets my goat. I really hated that phrase in college because it was always said by the guys who coasted by and actually KNEW people who would help them out. Read More

Shooting Items on a Reflective Surface

One great trick up any product photographer’s sleeve is shooting items with a natural reflection. It makes whatever you’re shooting pop that much more and it’s a little trick that looks cool and wows the senses. This technique makes items richer looking… Read More