Outdoor Fitness

With so many people wanting to lose weight and get in shape, naturally tons of marketers and advertisers are looking for nice outdoor fitness imagery. I know that my stock portfolio is lacking such photos, so I’ve decided to do an outdoor fitness themed shoot… Read More


High-key and Low-key Photography

Both high-key and low-key are techniques to illuminate a scene / model / object. They tend to serve specific purposes. Low-key lighting lighting renders a dark and mysterious look to a scene. It can also define shapes, accentuating them… Read More


How and When to Use Self-Timer in Photography

The self-timer feature of your camera, DSLR or otherwise, is a neat one. Provided that you have a place to set your camera down, you can use this feature to shoot images in a large number of different situations, with absolutely stunning results and zero camera shake. Read More

Toning with Selective Color

Toning with Selective Color

Selective Color is an extremely useful and important tool to use in processing, but is widely ignored due to the perceived complexity of its use. You should be using this tool almost every time your process a photo in Photoshop. Read More

Black and White Photography Basics

Black and White Photography Basics

Today we will journey to a time in photographic world from which it all began; the time of black and white photography. Even though colored photography is so widely used these days, black and white photos still hold the crown for some of the most breathtaking imagery. Read More

Fill Light For Food Photography

The great thing about table top food photography is that professional results can be achieved with little more than a window and a camera. And often, we’re adding a “bounced” light to the setup to take some contrast away from the shadowy areas of an image… Read More