PowerShot SX500 and SX160 announced

Today, Canon announced two new cameras in its PowerShot lineup: PowerShot SX500 IS and PowerShot SX160 IS. Both of these cameras are relatively compact and competitively priced. But most importantly both cameras feature outstanding zoom capabilities, image stabilization, improved autofocus and easy to use interface. The new PowerShot SX500 IS and PowerShot SX160 IS digital cameras boast a notable 30x and 16x optical zoom, respectively. This means you can now carry a compact camera that can optically zoom in on that elusive bird you have been meaning to take a picture of on your walks through the park or zoom in and capture a victory smile on an athlete from your last raw seat at a stadium. To help you capture all these shots in good focus, Canon offers its Intelligent Image Stabilization technology which can quickly evaluate camera movement during photo or video capture and compensate for it. In addition, PowerShot SX500 IS features a Zoom Framing Assist feature which makes finding your subject at a whopping 30x zoom a breeze. And finally, both cameras are equipped with Canon’s Smart AUTO mode – which can recognize the best settings for a particular scene and automatically apply the necessary adjustments.

PowerShot SX500 IS

PowerShot SX500 IS Photo: Canon Inc.

The bigger brother of the two new PowerShot cameras announced, SX500 features a lens capable of reaching 30x optical zoom. This means it can give you an outstanding 720mm zoom. And since it can also go as wide as 24mm, it means this camera virtually covers any range of zoom you may desire. Because images taken at such mega-zoom levels can turn out blurry from camera shake, Canon has incorporated its Intelligent Image Stabilization technology to maintain steady focus even at maximum zoom. The images captured with this camera promise to be of high quality, since PowerShot SX500 IS features a 16.0 megapixel sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor. The camera is also capable of capturing HD video and features a 3.0-inch LCD screen. But perhaps most important innovative feature which promises to help photographers find their target at maximum zoom faster is Zoom Framing Assist function. It has a dedicated button on the lower left side of the camera (basically on the lens itself). When in high zoom you can easily lose track of a subject, especially if it’s in motion. To find your subject, in such a case, press Zoom Framing Assist button. The camera will quickly zoom out to help you find your subject but keep an outlined frame of your initial zoom range to help you visualize it. Once you have placed your subject in this frame, let go of Zoom Framing Assist button and the camera will quickly bring back the original zoom. Canon claims that this feature works faster than manually zooming out and back in by conventional method, which should help you find your subject and capture a great photo faster. PowerShot SX500 IS is expected to ship in September 2012 for an estimated retail price of $329.99.

PowerShot SX160 IS

PowerShot SX160 IS Photo: Canon Inc.

With a more compact design than its bigger brother and yet a respectful 16x (28mm – 448mm) optical zoom, PowerShot SX160 IS is a nifty little camera, great for taking with you everywhere for opportunistic shots. And it is priced well for such purposes at $229.99 MSRP. Just like SX500, PowerShot SX160 IS features a 16.0-megapixel sensor, DIGIC 4 image processor, High Speed AF, Intelligent IS system and 3.0 LCD screen. It is also capable of recording 720p HD video and has a dedicated record button for such a purpose, just like PowerShot SX500 IS. But interestingly, PowerShot SX160 IS is powered by 2 AA batteries, which is convenient for travel. PowerShot SX160 IS is expected to ship in September 2012 and will be available in black and red colors.

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