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I am happy to announce that we are officially adding Reviews category to MyPhotoCentral. As most photographers out there, we are never fully satisfied with our equipment, even though we all know that it’s mostly our knowledge, skill and talent that makes our photos stand out. So we are always on the lookout for new and improved gear. Personally I am still satisfied with my aging Canon 5D mark II, but I also cheat on it a bit and occasionally try out new camera systems.

We also have a large lineup of lenses, here at MyPhotoCentral, and we often get asked if we prefer this lens or the other. In addition, we have a ton of various accessories, light modifiers, stabilizers and a whole bunch of other stuff that we use on a daily basis. Since the whole premise of MyPhotoCentral is sharing our knowledge and experience with you in order to improve everyone’s skill, we have decided to offer gear and software reviews. We are not just talking about lenses and cameras here; we are aiming to show you all of the stuff we work with.

MyPhotoCentral reviews are not paid promotions. Let’s be honest, we would probably be a little biased towards products that we receive for free from manufacturers. We are reviewing equipment and software that we paid for with our own hard earned money. And if something really sucks, we have no problem saying that it sucks. However, we will provide affiliated Amazon links for each reviewed item. If our review has helped you to make up your mind and buy one of the items, consider using our affiliate link. Small percentage from each sale helps us to keep the site going and bring you even more cool and interesting stuff completely free. But we are not forcing you to purchase anything. Read our reviews, compare pros and cons and if you feel that the item is worth buying, go ahead and get it. And we all sincerely thank you in advance for supporting our cause.

We are also playing with the idea of doing video reviews. This is not an easy task and we still have a lot to learn. But we feel that seeing some products in action makes a big difference and can even reveal things that are hard to describe in writing. So we pledge to continue making video reviews and hopefully will improve as we go along.

Don’t be shy, leave a comment on our written and video reviews. We love constructive criticism. Sometimes when we work on something, we don’t notice important aspects, so when our shortcomings are pointed out to us we do our best to improve. This leads to interesting, entertaining and educational pieces that most people can enjoy and learn from and that’s what we are striving from.

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