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I am very excited to announce Interviews section as a new addition to MyPhotoCentral. As a group, photographers are typically very social and interactive bunch of individuals. We like to share ideas and experiences. And let’s face it, we also love to compare and talk about our equipment. I have had a pleasure of talking to many talented artists and all of them have unique and interesting styles, workflow and stories to tell. I believe that the more we know about how our colleagues create their wonderful images and philosophy behind their work, the broader our understanding of this art form will become.

So far I have had the pleasure of interviewing only a handful of very talented photographers, but I already feel inspired to plan and shoot new and interesting scenarios. And more importantly, we have had an overwhelming number of positive feedback from our readers. From time to time, I think it’s very important to be able to step away from your own process of creating images and look at the work of other photographers. For me, it is also always fascinating to know what they are doing differently than I. I often pick up new strategies and little tricks from these conversations. This is why I believe that our new Interviews section will be a very good addition to MyPhotoCentral website. I hope it will broaden your artistic horizons, introduce you to other photographers with different styles and most importantly inspire you to go out there and create great images.

I expect to post these interviews on a regular basis, with photographers in various fields from all over the world. Occasionally, I may do interviews with other talented folks in the photo industry, such as models, retouches and MUAs but I will primarily focus on photographers for now. There are so many talented photographers out there, that I can’t even imagine how I can possibly interview all of them. But I sure will try, one interview at a time. Nevertheless, if you would like to nominate a photographer you would really like to get interviewed, feel free to contact us.

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