GoPro Hero 3 Announced

Today GoPro has announced its brand new Hero 3 camera. We at MyPhotoCentral are very fond of our handy Hero 2 and welcome its younger brother with open arms. It looks like the camera has been improved in every way possible. It is now capable of recording 4K videos, but unfortunately only at 12fps. However, since the processor inside Hero 3 camera is 2x faster than its predecessor, it can now record 1080p at 60fps and 720p at whopping 120fps which will make any action shot crawl to a stop. Hero 3 is also 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter.

The new camera will be available in three editions: Black, Silver and White. Hero 3 Black Edition is the top of the line model. It includes such features as 4k cinema resolution at 12fps, 12MP image capture with a 30fps burst mode and will be packaged with a Wi-Fi remote that can control the camera wirelessly. Additionally, it sports f2.8 lens with up to 2x better low light performance than Hero 2 and entirely redesigned sound to better capture speech and music. Hero 3 now also has a built-in Wi-Fi which will let you stream your footage to a computer or a much anticipated GoPro App on your smartphone (Android version coming soon). The new casing now boasts an additional lock, which means there is a lock for a lock that already existed on previous Hero casings. But hey, at least you’ll be sure that it’s definitely locked. Because of the size difference between Hero 2 and Hero 3, design of the casing and the battery has been changed. Unfortunately this means we will not be able to use our various casings and batteries from Hero 2 units.

The GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition will be similar to the flagship Black edition, but will not have 4k Cinema video capabilities and will be able to take 11MP stills. There is also a budget White edition which will only support 5MP still shots. All 3 versions come with a built-in Wi-Fi, but only the Black version has remote control included in the box. Additionally, all versions will have a micro HDMI output port and a mini USB 2.0 port. All versions will accept microSD cards up to 64GB.

The new GoPro Hero 3 will also have several accessories available at launch. These include LCD Touch BacPac, which attaches in the back and serves as both touch screen and “The Frame” that allows the camera to be mounted onto whatever you want without the protective casing.

All versions of GoPro Hero 3 are expected to go on sale in the US on Monday, October 22nd, 2012. The Black edition will be available for $399, Silver edition for $299 and White edition for $199. The remote control will also be available for $79. You can preorder your Hero 3 now at

On a personal note, we really enjoy playing with GoPro Hero 2 and can’t wait to put the new Hero 3 through the tests. We will report our results as soon as we have them.

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  1. when will the GOPRO HERO 3 be officially on sale in america and the rest of the world? will they only be on ale through the GOPRO website or will they be on the shelves of most stores in the next one or two weeks?


    • GOPRO HERO3 Officially goes on sale in US today (October 22nd 2012), it is estimated to start shipping around November 14th by all the retailers GoPro products are usually sold by, including Amazon, B&H and many others worldwide. We expect to see Hero3 on the shelves in a couple of days after Nov 14th availability date, since preorders will be first to get distributed, as soon as they are received by retailers.