Mike Pellinni Photographer Interview

Mike Pellinni is an amazing landscape photographer and graphic designer from TransCarpatia region in Ukraine, who makes some of the most breathtaking landscape shots and composites we’ve seen. I have finally had the chance to speak with him and discuss his process and techniques. And I am glad I can now share it with our readers. Continue Reading

Not Safe For Work

Nikola Miljkovic Photographer Interview


Nikola Miljkovic is a photographer from Serbia who shoots in a broad range of styles. He can capture anything from food and casual lifestyle stock to beauty and erotic themes published in Croatian edition of Playboy. And every one of his shots is always flawless. The images I have here are only a small representation of his talent. Nikola contributes exclusively to iStock and I urge you to check out his portfolio there to really appreciate his range. While it might seem that every time Nikola presses a shutter he creates a masterpiece, there is really a lot of work behind his photos. I am glad I was able to finally do this interview and share his story with our readers. Continue Reading

Julia Sariy Photographer Interview

Julia Sariy

Julia Sariy is a photographer who specializes in studio photography. She shoots weddings, portraits, glamour and nude genres and manages to capture true magnificence in everything she does. In this industry dominated by male photographers Julia is a clear example that a female photographer can compete and even outpace her male colleagues in our never ending quest to capture beauty. Julia mostly works with a full team, including a hair and makeup artists, and this shows in her images. Flawless execution, alluring beauty and attention to detail are just some of the key hallmarks of her work. Continue Reading

Robert Alvarado Photographer Interview

Robert Alvarado is a photographer who mostly shoots in his signature “Modern Pin-Up” style. The “Alvarado” look has now become an industry standard term signifying not only his photographic skills, but also designating him a true Photoshop artist. I am a big fan of his work and he never ceases to amaze me with his unique take on this sexy genre. In our newest-technology-gear-spec-lens-collection-chasing word Robert is a proof that you can create kick-ass artwork with an aging camera and a trusty workhorse of a lens. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to have some passion, imagination, a whole lot of talent to create such an awesome body of work. And to top it off, he is one of the most humble photographers I have had the pleasure of corresponding with. Be sure to check out Robert’s books to see more examples from his awe inspiring portfolio. Continue Reading

Ilya Terentyev Photographer Interview

Ilya Terentyev is a lifestyle photographer who creates images full of wonderful emotions and beautiful scenery. Ilya shoots with all kinds of cameras and often creates his own prototypes to help him achieve the shots he is going for. I have had the pleasure of working together with Ilya and now I am very excited to share this interview with you. Continue Reading

Alex Chechelnitsky Interview

Alex Chechelnitsky is a photographer specializing in food and interior/virtual tours. His food images will make your mouth water and your stomach rumble. His interior design photography showcases chic designs of luxury homes and stylish lounges. While his virtual tours will make you feel like you have physically visited the place at its most glamorous moments. Alex operates under his company name ACMB Photography throughout New York City. Continue Reading

Armando Orbon and Mariana Alija Interview

Armando Orbon and Mariana Alija is a couple in life and photography based in Barcelona, Spain. They create outstanding conceptual images and sell them as stock on IStockPhoto. Their talent to create desirable images and superb skill to work with available lighting results in memorable and astounding portfolio. Judging by this team it looks like when two artistic souls combine their efforts in a creative process the work they produce quadruples in its effects. I have been a fan of their work for many years. Their images speak for themselves but I still wanted to peak behind the glossy photos and have a glance on how their ideas become a reality. Continue Reading

Craig Hill Interview

Craig Hill is a gifted photographer with an eye for beauty in nature and women. Designer by trade, but a photographer at heart, Craig makes a very strong and lasting statement with his artistic work. His use of lighting on beautiful models in combination with lovely scenery always makes me want to pause and admire his images. Aside from his nature beauty shots Craig also shoots outstanding boudoir images, which perfectly combine feminine innocence with powerful seductiveness. After admiring his work for quite some time I could not resist and interview him about his craft to have a peak at his workflow and overall photo philosophy. Continue Reading

Not Safe For Work

Peter Juhasz Interview

Peter Juhasz is talented photographer with an eye for beauty and seduction. His style expresses lifestyles in most relaxed and easygoing atmospheres, but as I have discovered there is a fair bit of planning and setup happening behind the scenes. It takes hard work to create such pleasing and beautiful imagery and Peter pulls it off every single time. Besides his passionate erotic work, he also shoots outstanding lifestyle stock imagery, contributing exclusively to iStockPhoto. I have been admiring his work for quite a while and have finally found the time to interview him about his work and the philosophy behind his photos. Continue Reading