Types of lighting technique – Sidelighting

Sidelighting is a technique of lighting in which the main source of light is arranged at a side of the subject. When you need a full-frontal lighting for properly illuminating a subject, for example when you are shooting portraits, why do you need sidelighting; youメd wonder. Well, sidelighting is a technique that is often used by creative photographers to emphasize textures, patterns and shapes. It is often used in black and white photography because black and white photography puts a lot more emphasis on shapes, patterns and the underlying story rather than on colors. As a result side lighting technique is often a popular choice. This technique creates some dramatic portrait images because they accentuate the facial features. Good portrait photographers often use sidelighting to creatively highlight the best features while hiding the areas that does not add value to the image. Sidelighting can also be used in landscape photography as well as in wildlife photography.

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