Color temperature

Color temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin and denotes how warm or cool a particular temperature is. Warmer colors are those which are towards the lower end of the scale such as a candle-light which is around 1800 ᄚ kelvin and tungsten halogen lamp which is around 3200 kelvin. Cooler colors are those which are towards the higher end of the scale such as a cloudless blue sky, which is 8000 kelvin and shade which is around 6500 to 7000 kelvin. It may sound a bit confusing at times, after all warmer colors should have a higher kelvin temperature associated with them. These are merely representative of the fact that blue is considered a cooler color and red or yellow a warmer color and does not necessarily represent their temperature. The knowledge of the right color temperature in the given conditions can help you to assign the right compensation for adjusting the white balance. In this regard this point is closely related with white balancing.

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