Using Aperture – Priority Mode

Shooting in Auto mode is simple as a good camera will automatically select the optimal settings. However, sometimes there comes a time when photographers will want to control the amount of light coming into the camera – that’s when the Aperture-Priority Mode comes into play.

Most commonly marked as AV or A on the camera mode dials, Aperture-Priority Mode is a semi-automatic mode that allows the photographer to manually set the F values (which are used to identify aperture size) to control the depth of field – the larger the aperture, the shallower the depth of field. The mode is considered to be semi-automatic because the camera will then automatically select the most appropriate shutter speed to achieve the proper exposure. Continue Reading

Using Shutter – Priority Mode

So you have dropped quite a bit of coin on your shiny new camera. It has tons of different functions that you don’t yet understand but you are eager to experiment and learn how to take great photos. Well… you’ve come to the right place! Even a baby can shoot in automatic mode but before you start using the fully manual setting to take truly incredible photographs, it is best to experiment with semi-manual modes. In this article, we will discuss the Shutter-Priority Mode.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, the mode is usually marked as Tv or (S) on your camera’s mode dial. Shutter-Priority Mode is a semi-manual mode which allows the photographer to select the amount of time that it takes for the light to reach the camera sensor (or film). Understanding the way the camera works with light is essential to creating great photography. In Shutter-Priority Mode you get to decide the length of time that the shutter stays open for (thus letting the light in), but the camera automatically selects the appropriate aperture by using its built in light meter. Continue Reading