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  1. Hi, i have a question…. If a bought a canon digital camera in 2007, and i took a picture in 2013; is it possible that the EXIF information reads that the picture was taken in 2006??

    Thank you,

    • Hi Chad, yes its possible. There can be several reasons for this but my guess would be that at some point in 2013 the camera settings were reset back to 2006 settings (which is probably when the camera was manufactured). You can correct this data on existing images in numerous image editing programs. You should also check your camera setting and set the date back to current time so that all the future images will have correct date on them.

  2. Be careful when you manipulate EXIF data in a commercial setting – do not touch or change copyright information. Especially in the US, altering copyright notices (for instance, in the fairly obviously marked “copyright” tag) is actually considered a criminal offence (see §506 of US Copyright law). The flipside of that is that ONLY marking your copyright in EXIF and not visibly on the image is likely to result in your copyright notice being “accidentally” removed..

  3. Hi,

    My question is:
    1. What is the difference between EXIF:GPS and XMP:GPS?
    2. Is the Shutter speed & Aperture values dependent upon each other? If yes, then how?

    Anushri T.