Types of auto-focusing and when to use which

Types of Auto-Focusing and When to Use Which

Your digital SLR camera is a bundle of some of the most advanced pieces of optical technology. It involves, metering, auto-focusing, image stabilization and a plethora of other refinements. In this article we are going to delve about auto-focusing… Read More

Using drones for landscape photography

Using Drones for Landscape Photography

The emergence of remotely controlled drones capable of carrying several pounds of photography gear, some with built-in full HD (or even 4K) video cameras have completely rewritten the rules of landscape photography (and videography). Landscape photography has always been… Read More

A Few Tips on Better People Photography

A Few Tips on Better People Photography

Have you ever wondered that regardless of all the exotic reasons that might have drove you to buy a DSLR camera, photographing your near and dear ones have always been the primary use of such a camera? As a matter of fact at least… Read More

Photographing your first runway show

Photographing Your First Runway Show

Photographing your very first fashion runway show can be a thrilling experience… or it can turn you into a nervous wreck if you’re caught off guard. Fortunately, we’ve put together a few tips to turn your first runway show into a runaway success… Read More

understanding curves

Understanding Curves

Curves are one of those tools that I could not retouch any photos without. I use it to add contrast, to recover and enhance highlight, to remove and add shadows, add colors and for many other applications… Read More

Going Above and Beyond For Your Clients

Being a photographer means that you have to be a people person. You can have amazing work and a great eye but no one will WANT to work with you if you have an awful personality or don’t know how to make your clients feel special… Read More


Understanding Split Tones in Lightroom

Lightroom is all about adjusting lights and tones in photographs.  While adjusting colors it is the split tone that’s quite powerful in Lightroom. Split tones give you options to add color separately to the highlights and shadows. This tool helps us to… Read More